My heart was going 100 mph.

It started as a normal day at Water World. Hanging out in Wally World and splashing around in the kiddy slides. Then we took a walk over to another section and Declan saw the “skateboard ride” (or to be specific, The Screaming Mimi – an attraction that can get up to 30 mph). He promptly announced he wanted to ride it. Excuse me? You’re the kid who is too shy to even say hello to the receptionist at school, right?

Even though it scared the shit out me, I agreed to let him go. I mean, if he’s ready to spread his wings a little bit, who am I to stop him?

As Lily, Jenny, Declan and Daddy waited in line for the ride, Cap tried to talk me down from having a mild heart attack. “At worst, he’ll have a broken bone or two.” Thanks a ton.

Alas, the kid proved me wrong and came out fine. More than fine, actually. He was pretty terrified coming down, but then immediately asked to ride it again. Way to go, dude.

See for yourself:

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