Naked And Famous

The Naked & Famous in Boulder

Note: The Naked and Famous provided tickets to the show but all photos and words are mine.

I can’t remember the last time I attended an event at Boulder Theater, much less photographed a show there. Honestly – the massive construction on Route 36 has severed the cord between Denver and Boulder for months and months. But I absolutely made the trek for The Naked And Famous recently; I love their music and had heard they are amazing live.

I listened to “Passive Me, Agressive You” so many times – if it were a cassette tape it would have snapped. My young son Dex knows the lyrics to “Young Blood” by heart. Their latest album “In Rolling Waves” is catching up quickly in the playcount as well – it feels a bit more moody to me, which suits my mood oftentimes in the mornings.

As for their live show, Naked & Famous did not disappoint. Alisa Xayalith’s voice ripped through the room and she has such a commanding presence as a performer. The big surprise for me was how great Thom Powers sounded live; his voice is much richer than it sounds on the albums. The whole band had the Boulder Theater dancing to every song – it was one of those shows where the band is great, but the crowd is too.

Naked_And_Famous_17 Naked_And_Famous_04


Naked_And_Famous_13 Naked_And_Famous_06


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Naked_And_Famous_16 Naked_And_Famous_03


Photos © Aimee Giese

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  1. Sarah Patterson

    Love this band too! The photos are great as always!

  2. emily303

    wow, awesome pics!! GREAT BAND

  3. zipper

    I really think your concert photos are getting better and better.

  4. Ben D

    Young Blood is a fave in this house too.

  5. Kevin H

    Always love ur posts and taste in music, I’m sure ur a fan of Phantogram and if not I think u’ll dig them.

    • Aimee Giese (Greeblehaus)

      Thanks Kevin! And I love Phantogram. I was able to see a little bit of their set at Firefly in Delaware but I really want to see a full show, and of course photograph it! 🙂

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