Neon Trees Denver Pop Psychology

Neon Trees at Ogden Theatre

Note: Tickets were provided by Neon Trees but all photos and words are mine.

I saw Neon Trees live for the first time in 2011 when I was lucky enough to photograph Duran Duran and they were the opening act. I was blown away.

I was beyond lucky when Neon Trees invited me back to photograph their Pop Psychology tour stop in Denver at the Ogden Theatre – not only because they have become one of my favorite bands musically – but I knew it would be crazy fun to shoot them as the headliner.

I was totally right.

Tyler Glenn, the lead singer and ringleader, is visually stunning to watch and vocally impeccable. From a photographer’s perspective, he is the perfect subject. Interesting, emotional, colorful. Elaine Bradley on drums was hard to get, tucked back behind her kit, and when she came out to sing a few songs with Tyler my allotted time to photograph was over. But she killed it. Chris Allen and Branden Campbell round out the group with solid musical support. But, hey – this is Neon Trees. I got some fun photos of them too.

I have been saying, ever since Pop Psychology came out, that it was my album of the summer certainly… maybe my album of the year. It’s fun, upbeat, full of melodies and harmonies – but when you listen to the lyrics, there is a ton more there.

Just like Neon Trees the band.


Neon_Trees_2014_01 Neon_Trees_2014_03


Neon_Trees_2014_16 Neon Trees 2014

Neon_Trees_2014_25 Neon_Trees_2014_19


Neon_Trees_2014_05 Neon_Trees_2014_08


To see all the photos I have taken of Neon Trees, check out this Flickr set.

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  1. Jennifer K

    Just found you through the list and I am in love! Great pics and I love Neon Trees.

  2. Sarah Patterson

    LOVE Neon Trees! I was so excited when I saw that you were photographing them. Great band live and great music!

  3. Zipper

    You are right about Neon Trees lyrics. I listen to them and they are full of good messages.

    • Aimee

      Some of the lyrics touch my heart I feel like crying! I know that sounds sappy but it is true!

  4. William

    Keep telling everyone – your concert photos are the BEST

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