No braces for moi.

At least this time around.

I met with an orthodontist today to discuss my gap. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know some of you love it – but sorry, that’s crap. It’s hideous.

And when you have had 2 surgeries, braces, bonding and a retainer already during your teens… and the damn thing STILL keeps coming back – that is when you get PISSED.

My dentist can put veneers on the 4 top teeth, but he suggested I meet with the orthodontist to discuss braces and/or other options since I am a tad nervous about grinding my most visible teeth down to nubs.

Come to find out, one of the reasons the gap keeps coming back is my lateral incisors (a.k.a. the teeth next to my two front teeth) are unnaturally small and can’t seem to keep up with the overpowering front chompers. Damn it all to hell!

So, his plan would be to pull the 2 front teeth together and put veneers on the Lilliputian teeth… But that would cost a ton and take 6+ months. OR, I could just get veneers on the top 4 teeth and be done with it.

Bryan and I are still discussing, but seems like a trip to Extreme Makeover is in my future. Maybe I should try to get it done soon, so I look all sassy for Mexico?

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