No Police Zone

Damn Best Buy and Ticketmaster!!! I made every effort to get the coveted Police concert tickets, but alas – I was foiled.

First, the Best Buy presale was only for $225 tickets. Fuck that!

Then, today – I logged on to Ticketmaster at precisely 9:59am. I rammed my fingers in the keys and magically got 4 seats (the $50 variety, thank you very much) and couldn’t believe my luck. I went on to check out, barely noticing the $20 parking they had automatically added to my bill.

Well, that’s where I really got screwed.

They had ran out of parking, pushed me back to the previous screen, and then told me my allotted time to decide if I wanted the tickets was up… AND KICKED ME OUT OF LINE.

In those 3 minutes, every single ticket in the entire Pepsi Center was sold out.

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  1. TxGambit

    Oooooohhhhhh that totally and completely blows!

  2. monstergirlee

    Aimee – keep your ears open because they’re adding 2nd shows all over the place – they did here in Seattle.

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