Not *exactly* how we envisioned the evening going.

I had plans. I am a planner. 3:00pm we plant a car in LoDo. 6:30pm Jeff and Danielle arrive at our house. 7pm taxi cab takes us to Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes. 7:30-9pm we bowl. 9:30pm dinner reservation at Sullivan’s Steakhouse. 12am fireworks on the mall.

Our first wrong move was expecting to get a cab on New Years Eve at any time, but especially at 7pm. Several cab companies laughed at us, and a few called us profanities for even bothering to call. So, we take a second car into LoDo and Danielle says the fateful words, “Well, if this is the worst thing that goes wrong this evening, we’ll still be in good shape.”

Bowling turned out to be a blast, though. We are definitely doing that again. Especially bowling in fancy dresses.

Next, we headed out to catch the MallRide up to the restaurant. And even though the people at RTD swore to us they would be running on New Years Eve with extra buses, that must have been happening in Opposite Land, because there was nary a bus in sight. So we trudged the 15 blocks to the restaurant on foot. (Have I mentioned we have had some winter weather here in Denver recently?)

We were quite shocked to find out when we got to Sullivan’s for our 9:30 dinner reservation that people who had 8:00pm reservations have not been seated yet. How does that even happen? Seriously? So I started speed dialing every other nice restaurant in LoDo and miraculously Morton’s had a 10:30 slot to give us. We took it and ran.

So, we settled in at the bar for a drink to await our scrumptious dinner – only 5 hours later than we normally eat… when Bryan’s stomach went into revolt. Absolute mutiny. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say the man in the bathroom stall next to him probably had a great tale to tell about the drunkard at the fancy steak house in downtown Denver at New Years. The only problem was Bryan wasn’t drunk. We think it maybe was from some year-end close-out cheese at The Truffle today (my tummy was a bit wumbly earlier as well). Bryan kept assuring me that it was very different than the problems he had a few months ago that landed him in the hospital – thank god. I will take a little food poisoning any day over that crap.

Needless to say, we didn’t stay for dinner.

So, here I sit – writing a post for my blog when I should be counting down with fireworks, and Bryan has his head in the toilet. But before you think me too much of a complainer, I did get these way cool 2007 light up glasses from a street vendor on the 16th Street Mall.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2007.

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