Obama & Romney: Their Personal Stories

I have often said that I like the level of homework coming out of Declan’s school. It’s very Goldilocks: not too much, not too little. And when they are given larger projects to do over a period time – they are interesting, engaging and employ a ton of life skills.

Life skills which include having liberals like Bryan and myself help Declan make a bipartisan Venn Diagram comparing the personal lives of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Obama & Romney
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  1. helenjane

    Oh man, I should be doing more Venn diagrams for opposing viewpoints – at work, at home, for everything. Thanks Declan’s school!

  2. megan

    Well done Declan!

  3. Sue at nobaddays

    Well done Dex! I learned a few things about both candidates!

  4. Joanne Bamberger

    I had to look at the enlarged version on Flickr so I could read some of the items. LOVE the one about Obama being able to bench press 180 pounds!

  5. zipper

    Loved the shared items.

  6. kriddie

    Nice job Declan, this is fantastic!

  7. PunditMom


  8. PunditMom

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  9. JoAnn @casualperfect

    That is SO cool!!

  10. Nancy

    Very cool. My kids switched to a school with a project-based curriculum and we love it, too.

    Also, I had no idea Obama collected comic books. Reason number eleventy gagillion I support him.

  11. happymarnie

    This is great! I’m struggling with how to answer my 4yr old’s claims that she loves Mitt Romney…..I should approach it from this Venn!! Thanks!

  12. Anonymous

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