Off to San Francisco

I fly out to Cali today for work, but I was able to add a bit of time at the beginning of the trip to see my friend Caroline. Her college nickname was Babs, mainly because she was so un-Babs-ish, but I think I am probably the last person on the planet to actually call her that. I made her promise to take me to the Golden Gate Bridge, because I am nothing if not a tourist. Then we go to dinner with her boyfriend Al, who I am excited to meet and inspect. I will be sure to post pictures of our adventures later, as I am heading on this trip fully wired.

The only downside is that tomorrow is my boy’s birthday and I won’t be here. I know at 4, his feelings probably won’t be hurt (and we have been prepping him for it) – but I really wish I could have worked this trip out for some other time. Alas, I will be back in plenty of time for his party on Saturday – which has spiraled out of control and I will have over 30 people in our little house. Pray for good weather.

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