Oranges in the toe of your stocking?

Some online mommy friends were gathering ideas for stocking stuffers and we found a trend of their parents putting an orange in the toe of their stocking. I don’t remember my mom ever doing that, but of course, I don’t remember much of my childhood in general, so who knows! But Christina, our ever faithful web-research-chick, found the following about why our parents from all across the country gave their kids oranges in their Christmas stockings.

One traditional practice is to reserve the stocking for five gifts that stimulate each of the five senses, for example:

* Something to eat like fruit or candy
* A toy or other item that makes a noise (this can even include nuts to crack)
* An item that is visually pleasing in any way like jewelry, cuff-links or a coloring book.
* Something that has tactile appeal such as modeling clay, a soft toy, lingerie or even a pair of novelty Christmas socks.
* Any item with a distinctive scent such as bubble-bath, cologne, perfume, etc.

I love that idea! Seeing as I was fastidiously reading that thread for ideas as much as the next mommy… Consider it done for Declan’s stockings.

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