Danielle came over last night around 5pm and we planted our asses on the couch (except the quick excursion to go pick up Greek food)… for 5 hours straight we watched the Oscars.

First and foremost, despite the mediocre reviews, I loved Jon Stewart. Sure, he wasn’t over the top like Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg, but he was funny but still respectful. But of course, I am totally in love with him, so maybe I am jaded. I told a friend today that he has layers, like a onion. And maybe Middle America just doesn’t “get” him. So there.

As for fashion, my faves were: Salma Hayek (what a kick-ass color), Kiera Knightly (although she could have done a bit more with her hair), Zihi Zhang (once we saw her skirt, I fell in love with the dress), Jessica Alba (sans that gum-chewing on the red carpet, ick!), Michelle Williams (well, I hated the color on the red carpet, but it was very cool and vivid once she was inside), Jada Pinkett Smith (also a great color – I was so bored with the neutrals), Rachel Weisz (looking fabulous at 7 months pregnant), Nicole Kidman (she did look a little washed out, but the dress itself was fabulous)… and the only one who pulled off a neutral, Uma Thurman.

My total unfaves were: first and foremost, Charlize Theron (with the bow that ate her shoulder), Reese Witherspoon (everyone is raving, but I thought it looked like chain mail), Amy Adams (weird sailor stripes and a pointy Madonna bustiere? – P.S. Go Muskies!), Dolly Parton (what was that weird pink braided monstrosity?), Francis McDormand (although she always looks like shit), Helena Bonham Carter (whose hair looked like she belonged in a John Waters movie and her dress was straight back to ’88 prom), Naomi Watts (whose ripped and butchered bodice looked like King Kong made it for her)… but OK, really, my main point: What was the fuck was Charlize Theron thinking?

And yes, I was so pleased when Crash pulled an upset victory. Although I have not seen Brokeback Mountain yet and I am sure I will love it too.

Anyway, what a fun way to spend the evening – AND get some chick time. Danielle and I have set a standing date!

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