Penny For Your Thoughts

You may have noticed the gobbledygook in the sidebar now. Yes, I sold out. I added Google Ads. And in my first day, I earned… a WHOLE PENNY!

But here’s the thing. Like I said below, I am really enjoying writing this blog. At work, I mainly deal with administrative snafus and budgeting headaches so I rarely get to design anything anymore – and I consider this blog one of my main creative hobbies alongside pottery class and photography. BUT. I figure if I can earn some income from all the fun – what the hell, right? And who doesn’t need a bright, shiny new penny once and a while?

But don’t worry, it’s against the rules for me to click any of the gobbledygook, so I can’t inflate my own income on purpose. That just wouldn’t be fair, would it? And according to James at work, neither can he or Bryan because we all register as the same IP address and the Big Brothers at Google would know. Unless of course – again, according to James – I want him to try to click in a French accent (cleek! cleek!) and then maybe Google wouldn’t notice.

(I told him I would split my penny with him because that was so fucking funny.)

So, please forgive me for becoming part of The Machine. At least I buried the ads where I am sure to continue earning only a penny a day because the graphic designer in me couldn’t stand to place them any higher.

I do have some morals.

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  1. Tree

    LOL! Cleek cleek

    You did not sell out.

  2. Anonymous

    that is hilarious!

  3. Tanaya

    I clicked…another penny for you!

  4. Anonymous

    that totally made me laugh.

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