PhotoPlayDate Denver + WE Do Good!

First, I finally got myself in gear, got EventBrite together, awarded the Mile High Mama’s winner (Mamabird, if you are wondering), and am totally ready to go for our first PhotoPlayDate here in Denver!

DATE: July 12, 2009
TIME: 5:00pm – 7:30pm (I know that is a bit late for some wee ones, but it’s the best time for golden light)
PLACE: Washington Park, at the playground near Smith Lake
COST: $20.99

THE DEAL: Aimee (and possible other Denver photogs) will give an intro talk and then let everyone loose on the playground and near the flowers to start taking photos. Plan on a casual playdate with your kids of all ages.

Bring your camera(s) and Aimee will do her best to help you figure out those little techie things you never know how to do mechanically. At the very least, she will help you compose better shots, look for interesting light, and get more FUN photos with your kids.

Try to eat dinner beforehand, but water and snacks will be provided. If your child is old enough to be interested in photography, encourage them to bring their camera too!

After the PhotoPlayDate, all attendees will be encouraged to share their results on the PhotoPlayDate Flickr pool!

Visit Eventbrite to get your ticket. You only need one ticket per family!


And while we’re talking cool awesomeness, did you know that WeTV has a volunteer program called WEVolunteer? It’s about connecting people in their local communities to do good. When I searched for 5 miles within my zip code, nearly 450 listings came up! That might be overwhelming at first but you can fine-tune what you are interested in and really get down to brass tax.

Right now WEVolunteer is running a contest called WE Do Good in partnership with Ladies’ Home Journal that seeks an outstanding female volunteer that has given a lot of time, effort and dedication to a non-profit organization in her community. The winner will receive a $5,000 donation to the charity of her choice and be featured in an upcoming issue of Ladies’ Home Journal as well as at and WE Do Good is accepting nominations until July 22nd, 2009.

I know you know SOMEONE to nominate in your community that deserves this, right? I am putting my thinking cap on right now for who I am going to nominate.

Go for it!

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  1. zipper

    very cool – good luck!

  2. Kelly

    I think I remember you having a photog Q&A post here a while back. Any chance you may do that again? Maybe post some of the more interesting issues that come up at this event?
    I myself was wondering what camera you use, and if you use photoshop?
    (of course I wonder many more things…along those ‘little techie things’ lines).

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