Pop Music for your Hump Day

My latest favorite new music (well, new to me) is by a guy named Jeremy Kay. Light fun pop adult alternative music that I discovered while watching Season 2 of Scrubs from Netflix (yes, we’re still that far behind). I feel like the biggest loser ever discovering new talent from a TV show, but at least it’s from a show that features Zach Braff, who undeniably has great taste in music (and is hot and hilarious, two more points in his favor) – although it’s highly doubtful Zach had any control over the musical direction of Scrubs way back in Season 2.

Neither here nor there… check out Jeremy Kay. Especially if you like Edwin McCain, Shawn Mullins, Gavin DeGraw and dudes like that. I’d send you to his web site but it’s really the biggest clusterfuck I have ever seen on the internet. So if you don’t have iTunes, here is the Amazon link for the album.

The song I sing in the shower is “Have It All.” Watch out, it’s addicting.

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