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Riot Fest Denver 2013 -Day 2 Photos

The second day of Riot Fest at May Farms was quite an adventure. The wind kicked up, so the whole crowd (including me and Monika) looked like extras from a Clash video. Later in the day, a gigantic thunderstorm opened up over our heads and I ended up folding over my son in the parking lot to protect him from pelting rain. Yup, a day we’ll never forget!

Especially since the music was so awesome.

My friends Bop Skizzum opened the day, and these photos are now bittersweet as the band is playing their last show at this year’s Nerd Prom.

BopSkizzum_RiotFest_08 BopSkizzum_RiotFest_07


BopSkizzum_RiotFest_10 BopSkizzum_RiotFest_06

After Bop was a band I had seen before and KNEW would be hilarious, Peelander Z. You don’t go see these guys for the music, you see them for the incredible energy. The fun, the color, the costumes, all of it. What a blast.



Peelander Z PeelanderZ_04


We are incredibly lucky here in Colorado to have a vibrant music scene and KTCL Channel 93.3 was at Riot Fest the whole weekend talking to bands, plus getting to word out to people who could not attend.


The next band was so incredible, I am not sure there are words to describe them. Seeing Public Enemy live, much less photographing them was certainly a highlight of my life. Not that anyone would be surprised by this, but they took command of the stage from the very first minute and never let go.

Public_Enemy_02 Public_Enemy_04


Public_Enemy_14 Public_Enemy_09

Flava Flav - Public Enemy

Unfortunately, right after Chuck D and Flava Flav wrapped up, the weather came down. Crowds were actually evacuated by the National Weather Service and the party moved out to our cars for quite a while. I was super sad to miss Blink 182, but our 11 year old was ready. to. go. Considering the musical royalty he had seen, the dirt he had ingested, I thought he was a complete trooper to stay as long as we did.


Thanks again to Riot Fest for such an amazing experience.
These Denverites can’t wait for the 2014 line-up announcement!

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