Rude Awakening

Marabeth was hoping to come down from Wyoming this weekend to go see Amos Lee at the Fox in Boulder with me. But with the hecticness of the holidays, it didn’t work out and the same malady affected several other friends too, so I was sitting here this morning trying to decide if I should stay home altogether (since I am feeling the strain of that same hecticness) or just go by myself. Which actually sounded kind of fun until Bryan, being the flippant ass that he is, said, “Well, if you go by yourself… people will just assume you are the parent of some 16 year old there seeing the show.”

My reaction? Blink blink blink. WHACK! (He ducked just in time). “I am NOT old enough to be at a concert as a chaperone!” Pause. Pause. Pause. “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I *AM* old enough to be there as a parent to a 16 year old. And not even in a ‘I was knocked-up as a freshman in high school’ kind of way, either.”

I am definitely not going to the concert now.

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