Diet Coke #ShareACoke

Share A Coke With… Me!

Note: Coca Cola company provided my personalized bottle but all photos and words are mine.

It’s no secret Diet Coke is one of my favorite things. I even have a client that checks to make sure if she needs to grab some for me on her way over to a work session. People know. I love Diet Coke.

Apparently even Diet Coke knows I love Diet Coke because when they started their “Share A Coke” program this summer, they sent me an “Aimee” bottle, specifically in Diet Coke flavor, plus a Coke version to share with a friend.

To be honest – and I know this sounds goofy – but since I was so busy traveling in June, I held on to my special #ShareACoke Diet Coke till this week when I could really savor it. I know it’s exactly the same, but it was delicious!


Have you found your name in an store? I now search for people I know and only buy those.

But you can also make an online version at in case your name is not available. It will start typing “Amy” for you but you and I know it means “Aimee.” Also, when you share your pics, they could be featured on Coca Cola’s online gallery.

Post your #ShareACoke #SelfieSweeps pics for a chance to win concert tickets!  Plus, every day the first 10 to post on Twitter or Instagram will get a month of Spotify Premium.

I would love to see your pics too. I think the photos in the galleries have been hilarious – and I love campaigns like this that really let people get creative.

My other special thing I have discovered is mixing Diet Coke with red wine and ice. Apparently this is not something *I* made up, is very popular in Spain and is called a Kalimotxo. My husband thinks it is an abomination to wine, but I find it light, easy and refreshing.

Do you have something you drink in the summer? Please share some recipes, I am always up for trying anything. Obviously.

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  1. Amy

    Sorry, Aimee – you are crazy with the wine thing! 😉

  2. Anna A

    Uhhh I might be into this coke/wine thing…

  3. Kate Majers

    We always make wine spritzers of some variety, and add fruit juice too. Also, my common name is out there!

  4. kevin tayag

    it so many names

  5. Lisa

    How fun! Your very own AIMEE COKE!

  6. Aimee

    I want one!!! How do I get my hands on it?? Mo’ Aimee pleasee:)

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