Shhh! Don’t tell Smokey the Bear…

Declan’s class recently took a trip to the fire station and Declan has since become OBSESSED with fire safety. He took their words very seriously, and looks for fire alarms in every building we venture into. Seriously, the kid spots them on the ceiling of the grocery store, in the mall… everywhere. And he is totally paranoid that a fire will spontaneously explode into his room. Basically what happens when firemen overemphasize the dangers of fire to impressionable 4-year olds.

Fast forward to this evening, where we decided to try to show him the positive aspects of fire. Bryan explained to him that fire is like knives. Where knives are really useful – we also need to be very careful with them. Same thing with fire.

So, we went for it and started a fire in the fireplace. Declan’s eyes started out as big as saucers and he kept running back to the living room to check on the fire. He even said to his daddy, “That fire is getting pretty big. Should we call 9-1-1?”

But I think it is working. He is relaxing.

And I get to go prop my feet up with a beer and a book, next to the crackling, warm fire.

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