Six Into Seven

You know, I have made no bones about SIX being a rough age for us. The more I talk to other parents, the response seems to be, “duh.” So apparently SIX is a universally tough age, huh?

I have complained before about the Half Year Syndrome, and I now laugh at my former self, because what did I have to complain about at 5.5? A little snottiness or whatever?

SIX. The whole stinkin’ year. THAT was torture. I have not even mentioned some of Declan’s antics on this blog because we are approaching an age where some things cross the privacy line, where he doesn’t need me spewing “some things” everywhere. “Some things” like the attitude. The pushing boundaries. The lying. The rule breaking. But let me assure you – SIX WAS HARD.

Declan turned SEVEN in September. And while the rollercoaster has not quite smoothed out into, well, coasting sans roller quite yet – it’s better.

All of a sudden it’s like something clicked in his brain: If I have a conversation with them about my desires instead of whining or pouting or just flat out ignoring the rules, then HEY! MAYBE we can come to an agreement! WHAT. A. CONCEPT!

And maybe if I stop saying NO all the time just because I feel like trying to control the situation, maybe THEY will say YES more often. BRILLIANT!

And maybe if I stop being such a grump all the time, the WHOLE FAMILY will get along better. Heh. That last one is my favorite.

I was just telling a friend the other night about the horrors of SIX like I was having post traumatic stress disorder. But it really does feels like that. Coming out of a war zone, where maybe, MAYBE, we’ll have a lovely year at SEVEN like we did at FOUR.


I am scared to ask this, but where are you in your little war?
Any other ages I need to stock up on the army artillery for?

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  1. Christy H

    Our boys must be very close in age, Ben too turned 7 in Sept. And yes, BIG improvement from the moodiness of last year 🙂

  2. MPPs Mom

    i agree, 7 was a good year. Strap yourself in though for 8.

  3. Gretchen

    Seeing as I’m at 5, 7, and 9, I can tell you that it’s pretty great.

    Nine is awesome. Plain awesome.

  4. Melissa Jacks

    I, personally, think you should start preparing yourself for age 12.
    The hormones are going crazy and they are trying to figure out “who” they are because the social pressure in middle school is so much different than elementary.
    I seriously considered boarding school.
    We made it though. We made it to 15 without shipping her out.

  5. Buttercupyaya

    Melissa’s comment gives me hope…girls are difficult at almost every age. Though, 7 and 9 were my favorites so far. My daughter is 11 AND A HALF!!! and I SWEAR TO GOD that we are unsure if we’ll see 12.
    6 was rough for us too. I am not sure how helpful I’ll be on the boy spectrum because it seems as if the old addage is true “boys are so much different”. Mine is 3 and a half (Calgon take me away!) and it is ROUGH, man. 8 and 10 were super hard with my daughter but 11 is worse. Like your commenter said “strap yourself in for 8” and just hold on for dear life!

    Good luck to all of us mommies (and daddies).

  6. Meghann

    I’m still waiting for that lovely 7 attitude from Lindsay. It’s not here yet. Her birthday was less than two weeks ago, so I’m trying to hold out hope. Especially since next year, she’ll be 8, and with girls, that’s when the pre-teen attitude can start.

    I will warn you, commenters above me have waxed poetic about age 9. Yeah, not in our house. My oldest son turned 9 earlier this year and the pre-teen crap has arrived in full force. Some days he is the sweetest kid, other days he’s a complete a-hole. And I know it’s not just me, I have other friends whose sons turned 9 this year and they are going through the same thing.

  7. Anonymous

    Just wait for 12, 13, and 14–and it goes for almost 2 1/2 years! We’re in the second half of 14, and it’s gotten a bit better. Wasn’t sure he was going to make it to 15, but I’m enjoying the respite now. I’m sure I’m not over it all. But I’m on the verge of freaking out because he’ll be leaving way too soon! Even when I want to ship him out, I only want him gone for a few hours–not days and weeks. He’s my only baby! Don’t go!


  8. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    You guys ARE FREAKING ME OUT!!!!! LOL.

  9. gretchen from lifenut

    I think 4 is the hardest age, easily.

    My oldest has been 12 for about 4 months and she almost has my mind changed that 12 is the worst.

    9 is the BEST.

  10. Meghann

    Actually I just remembered, my aunt’s oldest son just turned 18. She said hands down, it is turning out to be the hardest age ever. So um, yay?

  11. Chris

    My son, starting at age 6, was a terror. And at 7. and 9. and 10!! So bad was it that we took him to a theraprist starting at 7. We learned a couple of things. First, the dr. said my son’s IQ was extremely high. Talking to him was like talking to a little adult. I cannot tell you how many people have told me that. The Dr. said he had O.D.D. otherwise known as “oppositional defiance disorder”. Yeah, I know. Sounds like a fancy name for just being a little butt to me. He gave us tools to deal with him and you know what? They worked. He said it would get worse before it got better, but it did. Email me for details if you want. lol. Now he’s 13. He still has his moments but I’m finding him easier and much more pleasant now! This too shall pass, as they say…really. It does. I swear! lol

  12. keli.h

    Gosh, we’re only in the 2.5’s here, and I want to throw myself in front of a bus at least once a day. I heard three is worse, and now to hear that six is much much worse?

    Where is that number for Tubes Tied R’Us??

  13. keli.h

    Oh, forgot to add that I have a 13-year old niece that I want to bitchslap every time I’m around her.

  14. Becky

    9.5 was scary!!! 9, great! 9 1/2 the devil came into my home.
    We seem to be through it now but I’m just waiting for what the future has… like 12 and 13. shudder.

  15. Sarah K

    Oh my word. Jack is about to turn 11 and the tone of voice, eye-rolling, and general ‘tude is unreal! Halp!

  16. Wenderina

    I can only comment as an aunt, but the 13th year is quite amazing to witness. One moment a young adult stands before you with world views, distinct personality, specific tastes, and a vocabulary that can express it all…the next moment they are spellbound by a new episode of SpongeBob. The complexity of the age is astounding.

  17. kristin

    i love that you mentioned 4. we never suffered the terrible 2’s but damn the 3’s hit and it is like BAM! we cal it the f*ing 3’s! :). but i also have a 1 year old GIRL. oh. my. god.

    here’s to a peaceful 7

  18. EatPlayLove

    I’m just a couple months into 6 and now I’m scared.

  19. Brigid

    Gulp. My older just turned 5.5 (two days ago) and my younger will be three this month. I am now very, very afraid.

  20. Smiling, Beguiling

    I’m w/ Keli.h, *my* Declan is only 3.5 and I’m pretty much wishing a bus would run me over dead at least once a day. SOME moms tell me it gets easier, but then I read your post & now I think they LIE.


  21. Tekee

    Samantha-20 Adam-17 Nick-14 in 2 weeks. All ages are a battle of some sort, but the good times ALWAYS outweigh the rough times.

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