Snow Leaves

Since it’s back in the mid-70’s here in Denver, I figured I was finally ready to revisit my snow photos from last week.

(Click on any image to see larger version)

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome as always!

  2. joansy

    Great pics, again!

  3. Barbetti

    Hey, you’re from Colorado? I am too! Well, I’ve lived in Vermont for two years, but lived in CO for 18.

  4. Sue at nobaddays

    Lovely pictures, Aimee. And, oh, it’s 89 F here!

  5. the dragonfly

    Those are beautiful!! It’s very cold here (40s) but no snow. (yay for now snow…)

  6. The Daily Rant

    The first one is my favorite. Nice shot.

  7. Fairlie

    They’re beautiful pics! In our part of the world it’s starting to heat up.

  8. Charlotte

    Lovely pics. I was thinking “they last had snow in Denver in the Seventies”? Me being a Celsius babe and not too hot on Fahrenheit.

  9. Colleen

    Beautiful photos. The fall leaves with the ice is amazing.

  10. Kat

    those are just beautiful! We’re heading out to Albuquerque & Santa Fe this coming weekend, I’d love to see some snow. LA really can be pretty boring weather-wise sometimes.

  11. Nat

    Lovely photos.

    We just hit the 30s here today for the first time… had to cave and turn the heat one. And it smells like winter… I’m hoping for one more little burst of warm. :0

  12. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Thanks so much y’all! :)))

    Barbetti: yes, we moved here 15 years ago from Maryland!

    Kat: Santa Fe is awesome! We went there and Grand Canyon for Spring Break last year! Look in my March/April 2007 archives!

    Sue: 89! No wonder all the fires. :(((

  13. Anonymous

    Wow, I love these. Thanks for sharing! They are colorful and icy at the same time.

  14. painted maypole


  15. Lisa

    What gorgeous pics!! Wow!!!

  16. Tree

    Oh, one of these is going to be up in Jossie’s room, I think. Stunning.

  17. Joanne (That Blue Girl)

    Gorgeous pics. I am sooo not ready for snow yet.

  18. sue

    What’s with the nutty weather? That 70’s stuff is coming here today and tomorrow!

  19. Anonymous

    I love the ones with ice all over.

  20. PunditMom

    These are BEAUTIFUL photos!

  21. Jenn

    ah – these are just gorgeous!

  22. Lynn

    Beautiful pictures!

  23. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    YAY! HI MELISSA! 🙂 Hope all is well form your move!

    And welcome all the new friendly faces! I am so excited to see/meet you!

    Sara: I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a few good lenses, in this case a Canon 60mm macro. However, I am about to switch to a Canon 40D!

  24. Melissa

    Wow – Breathtaking as always. We haven’t had snow yet, just ice but it is getting cold. Thank you for pinging me to see if I was alive! I am just about to get back into the swing of things…

  25. Sara

    Gorgeous photos!

    What kind of camera do you use?

  26. Kelly Malloy

    Those are amazing!

  27. Andie

    Great shots!

    I wish we had colored leaves this time of the year. no go. LOL

  28. Jenn

    Those photos are great, especially the ones with the ice/melting snow. Nice DoF.

    I’m jealous, the leaves haven’t been so great this year in Massachusetts.

  29. Mary

    These are wonderful photos!!!

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