Sophia’s Birthday Party

We celebrated Sophia’s 4th birthday today at the overstimulation capital of the world, Chuck E. Cheese’s. Declan walked around in a daze for half the party – but once he got his bearings, he had a great time. How can anyone not have a good time with pizza, cake and huge mouse???

One very interesting thing I learned today is that my son is VERY good at video games. He was KILLING at Ripper Ribbit. I forsee many hours on the Playstation with his father in the future.

The other interesting thing I learned today is that getting young children to follow a gigantic mouse around a room is about as easy as hearding cats. But twice the fun.

And the final thing I learned today is that girls get way better shit that boys. Just look at this pink princess outfit Sophia received as a gift. Where can I get one of those?

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