It finally happened.

Declan called his dad “stupid.”

Luckily he didn’t say it to me, or I think he would still be in time-out right now.

Apparently there was a dizzying sequence of time-outs and tantrums this evening. Declan would scream his head off, get put into time-out, calm down (kinda), Bryan would ask him if he was ready to behave, and then Declan would call him stupid again.

They finally had a long talk about it and Bryan said all the awesome things you should say to convince your child to stop being an asshole. Declan admitted he had seen the behaviors in his class and when questioned who was acting like that… he, of course, named the Problem Child.

How sad is it that I am bummed that this idiot kid is barely 4 and thus will not be off to kindergarten this Fall?

Meanwhile, Bryan, in a stroke of continued parenting genius, asked Declan if he ever say Daddy playing with Problem Child (Bryan regularly stays and plays with the kids at school for about a 1/2 hour before they come home)? Declan thought about it for a minute and realized that no, Daddy never plays with him. Bryan asked him, why might that be? And a light went off in Declan’s brain, “because he says mean things?” Ding ding ding!

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