Summer Travel 2012

This year, instead of one big trip, we are taking several mini-trips throughout the summer. We didn’t exactly plan it that way, it just worked out this way. And the way things are going, I expect more to be added on before all is said and done.

What are you up to this summer?

Here is where we are headed:


Seattle Space Needle

Our lovely next-door neighbors (the ones that are not Mr. Lady) moved away last year and we miss them. And their dog Newman. And Eurovision. Which we used to watch together religiously. So, we are heading west to see them and that wacky European singing contest. And, of course, Seattle.



Estes Park Colorado

We have always heard what a fun place the YMCA in Estes Park was, so we are excited to head up there with other Mile High Mamas to check it out. Dex is slightly too young for their zipline, and I am slightly too accident-prone… but all three of us will try our hand at archery.



Black Mountain Colorado Dude Ranch

We visited Black Mountain last year, and did the full-scale dude ranch thing. We are so thrilled to go back for a long weekend this August, with a friend of Declan’s in tow no less. I am expecting to get more horse roping photos and to NOT break my finger this time.



Maryland Crabs

Before my family gets all excited about this one – it’s still up in the air. Bryan’s 25th high school reunion is in September and he actually wants to go. I want to wait and see if his fever passes before I buy tickets, since he has never once wanted to go before. But I am on board to catch up with family and eat some Maryland blue crabs on a dock!


Suggestions for other places that
should be on our short list?

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  1. Sue at nobaddays

    You should hit San Diego … and not for a conference this time, so we get a chance to hang out! 🙂

    We’re headed to Canada this summer, to introduce Maceo to the rest of the fam.

  2. Meghann

    Other than trips back and forth to the hubby, we’re only going to Missouri to visit family. We had hoped to do a real vacation this summer, since we didn’t do one last summer, (Colorado was what we were planning) but alas, the money tree that didn’t grow last year once again didn’t grow this year. Maybe next year.

  3. Mama Kat

    YAY! Come to Seattle and I call dibs on a cocktail hour one evening!!

  4. Kendall

    funny… we are doing at least half of the same trips this summer:)

  5. monstergirlee

    Seattle! Oh wait, that’s on the list. heh-heh

    Yosemite – photo opps galore! Or maybe some Death Valley desert.

    My wished-for-travel-plans always seem to revolve around my camera. Yours too?

  6. zenrain

    Albuquerque in July…and hopefully I will make it to DeSmet, SD this summer… I’ve been trying to go to the Ingalls homestead ever since I read all the books to the kids, but something always comes up. Maybe this year!

  7. MargieK

    No plans. 🙁

    But my daughter (21) and I spent a few days during her Spring Break in California — and my husband and 2 sons (27, 24) are supposed to go to Vegas for a long weekend in July.

    I’m still “in the hole” on vacation time, since I took an already-booked vacation a couple weeks after switching jobs last year, so shouldn’t be taking any time off until my “PTO” is back in the plus column.

    We’ll be spending lots of time up at Horsetooth Reservoir, and I intend to enjoy as many local festivals (Taste of FoCo this weekend… come up and see Air Dubai and Everclear on Saturday — I have a pass!) and free downtown concerts as I can. And grilling at home.

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