Super Tuesday

Bryan found the greatest terms for the children of politically-involved parents yesterday.

Wee-publicans and Demo-squats

Declan has learned how to say which candidate we are voting for (O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA, rhymes with O-MA-MA!) and will be caucusing right along with us this evening.

Whoever you are voting for – have fun today…


P.S. I am now heading down to set the VCR to tape American Idol for this evening. Recaps will commence shortly once the field is narrowed down. Yay Hollywood!

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  1. Anonymous

    that’s hilarious!

  2. zipper


  3. Sizzle

    i wish i could vote- stupid WA state. hmrph!

    vote for me, k? we’re in the same camp.

  4. megan

    those names are hilarious!!!!

  5. Rachel

    Demo-squats! I love it!

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    YES! VCR! OK? V-C-R!!! Go ahead and publicly flog me! But when you don’t have cable, what’s the point of a DVR???

  7. Nancy

    The election and American Idol … it’s good to have picture in picture =)

  8. Anonymous

    Weepublicans! Demosquats! Hilarious!

  9. soccer mom in denial

    I so hope MA doesn’t vote for Willard Mitt (Mitt is his middle name). He’s been such an *sshole to us.

    I’ve got a sick kid at home (101.7 fever) so I’ll be bringing him to the polls later.

  10. soccer mom in denial

    Oh, and I forgot


  11. MB

    You still have a VCR? 🙂

    Tho we’re not voting today, I’m casting for Hillary. Gotta convince my daughter that women can do anything! But really, I’ll take Obama, too…

  12. monstergirlee

    You posted after Edwards quit the race, and I didn’t comment but I really agree with you. I’m not 100% for one or the other of Hillary or Barak, but I don’t know if Hillary Clinton can win this election, whereas I do think Barak Obama could. Her poll numbers have been going down of late so… who knows.
    I just don’t know if I can stomach another 4 years of a republican president.
    And the conspiracy theory you mentioned? I thought that too, before you talked about it.
    There was a thing in Seattle that supposedly happened several years ago (I think… 1996?) when a Governor’s primary was coming up. All the Seattle dem’s got together and voted for the weakest Republican candidate, she ended up on the ticket for the Republicans, and was easily beaten by the Democratic candidate.

  13. monstergirlee

    btw – I’ll be on a plane while all the fun is taking place. And I forgot my MP3 player at home – ARGH!!!

  14. Becky

    My son now says “I wish Obama would just be president now and we could end all this silly talk!” He’s 7.


    I Wish I Was Obama’s Girlfriend

  15. carrie

    It’s going to be a loooooooong night! 🙂

  16. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Charlotte – and I will get to see you on FRIDAY! WEEE!

  17. Teachin' this mommy new tricks!

    Ha ha kid’s minds! That is great

  18. Christina

    ACK!! How horrible is this? I am enormously addicted to politics….and American Idol. I have already posted some reviews of both as the two have intersected quite a bit already this season. Tonight? I have a flippin’ frakin’ Pop Warner board meeting!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!

    *Note to self – stop at home and set DVR to record AI*

  19. nutmeg

    I was wondering where you would go after Edwards threw in the towel! Right there with you, sister!

  20. Anonymous

    it’s gonna be a wild night!

  21. Mrs. Ian Cusick Beaverhausen

    Four votes in the Beaverhausen house…for Senator Obama. Two brand new voters will cast their fist ballots as Democrats alongside their parents (with another Dem. in the wings). I’m just so proud.

  22. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    The caucus was really amazing last night! I almost wish the general election worked like that!

  23. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    Our precinct was 89 Obama 25 Clinton.

  24. Jennifer aka Binky Bitch

    I feel so left out, Indiana didn’t vote yesterday.

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