Surprise Party

Last night we attended a surprise party for our good friend Jenny, as thrown by her husband Jeff. The party was very fun and it was neat to meet Jenny & Jeff’s friends.

However, it came so close to not coming together for many reasons, the last of which was their babysitter for Lily fell through. Luckily our babysitter was a teacher from Declan & Lily’s school – so it was a no-brainer to just have Lily come over here (since, wink wink, Bryan and I magically already had plans to go out).

The great news is, the kids did awesome… and when we got home, Lily was peacefully slumbering in our bed. Jenny and I practically rubbed our hands together in devilish glee, thinking of the nights that they could now hang out past 8pm, since the kiddoes could just zonk out here. Hooray!

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