New Friends Video from My Body Sings Electric

Well, actually I am proud to call these guys old friends. At least relatively, since I am decrepitly aged enough to be a mother to most of them – or at least an aunt, or big sister? (Let’s not go there.) But clearly My Body Sings Electric will be making lots of new friends this year as their new album blows up.
MTV Buzzworthy is featuring the single and video today.
Check it out, because it is awesome.

I love the new album “Part 1: The Night Ends” which will be released February 25th and thank the band for sending me a pre-release copy. Every song is signature MBSE. Exuberant, textured, fun. I have always loved lead singer Brandon Whalen’s voice but, really, the best thing about this band is how they all come together to create music that gets better with each album. Plus they are especially great live. I have lost count how many times I have seen them play, but one of my favorite photos I have ever taken at a show is of Jeff Fedel, engulfed in fog.

You may remember the time I used their song in a video that ended up in Times Square (Thanks, Kodak!) and every time I see the guys I thank them for playing my former fundraiser, Tellerpalooza, in 2012. Great peeps, seriously.

So, Aunt/Sister/Mom Aimee wishes you guys all the best and wants the world to check out the latest band that is coming up out of Denver.

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  1. Zipper

    Cool video

  2. Anonymous

    We saw them at Tellerpalooza and they were great!

  3. heidi

    that was really fun!

  4. Karen

    Go get em Denver!

  5. Karen

    Go get em Denver!

  6. Bess

    OMG! How cute are they? Great song.

  7. greeblehaus


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