Swimming In A Winter Wonderland

While I battled the mall and did sufficient holiday shopping damage to the credit card, Declan and Bryan went to an indoor swimming park with Lily and her dad. Since it’s still been cold as hell here, they figured – “What the hell!?! We’ll go get the kids all wet and shivery.” But they had a blast, and I can’t wait to go with them next time. (I wonder if they are open on Christmas Eve???)

My only trauma of the day (other than discovering that the Guess store has turned into a supply warehouse for hookers) was being unable to find my car, especially sucky since I was completely encumbered with the joys of the season (i.e. – a crapload of packages). I searched 4 levels for 20 minutes (no lie) and finally found it – nearly bursting into tears. I swear the security guard thought I was pacing the place or something.

Then we stopped at the grocery store this evening to pick up stuff for the potluck & white elephant at work tomorrow… and I did something really silly. I bought some glue-on fake nails. As I type right now, I am making the most obnoxious clicking sound.

I got the “sport” kind, because anything longer would make me look like I shop at Guess.

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