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Ipecac - Denver Band - HiDive Concert Photos

Denver Band Ipecac at Hi-Dive

The Denver rock scene is a vibrant community that has been thriving for several decades. But I feel like I am learning about new bands every single day – and try very hard to get out and see as many as I can. Such was…
Interview with Denver pop punk band Bury Mia

Interview with Denver’s Bury Mia

I have seen Bury Mia play a few times and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to get online to meet with three of the four band members last week. Bury Mia is bassist/vocalist Devin Martinez, guitarist/vocalist Justin O’Neal, drummer Marcus Allen-Hille and guitarist…
Interview With Denver Band The Lost Dolls

Interview with Denver Band The Lost Dolls

After having been on a break, I'm getting back to chatting with people about music and the (hopeful) return of normalcy. Was happy to hear from a Denver band who I have not yet seen live, The Lost Dolls, and talk about what they have…