Fort Collins

Macy Gray - Concert Photos & Review - Washington's Fort Collins

Macy Gray at Washington’s Fort Collins

Macy Gray's got that voice, you know? It's like smooth honey mixed with a splash of whiskey. She's one of those artists who's just got that timeless vibe, like she's been singing soul since waaayyyy before she was born. In concert, she's a force to…
Fort Collins, Colorado - List of Fun Things To Do - Travel Tips

Fun Things To Do in Fort Collins, CO

Note: Visit Fort Collins hosted us, but all words and photos are mine (unless noted). Denver and Fort Collins has always had a close relationship because of our music scenes. I have often attended events up there, particularly FoCoMX, which highlights local musicians from around…
Music & Travel News - Denver Blogger

Greeblebits – June Edition

It's been fun curating "nice" news! While the world is still kind of on fire basically - it's great to hear that the music and travel industries are doing their best to find creative ways to bring the world joy. Check out my news section…
Colorado Wedding Portraits by Aimee Giese

So Much Love: Amy + Nick Wedding Photos

I don't often photograph weddings but when I do - it's the most fun when it's friends. Nick and Amy are half of a fantastic band in Fort Collins named Post Paradise and we have been going to their shows for years. I was honored…
The Unlikely Candidates - Concert Photos from Fort Collins, Colorado

The Unlikely Candidates in Fort Collins

Denver likes to adopt bands. Not that we really need to, since we have a robust music scene right here in the Mile High City - but after bands start coming back over and over, we tend to think they are ours too. This is…
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