Pepsi Center

Queen + Adam Lambert - Concert Photos & Review - Denver Ball Arena

Queen + Adam Lambert at Ball Arena Denver

In a year of incredible shows, how can they keep getting more incredible? When Queen and Adam Lambert come to Denver, that's how. As someone who watched Live Aid live in 1986 and also voted for Adam Lambert on American Idol, it was a concert…
Peter Gabriel Concert Denver 2023 - Photos & Review - Ball Arena

Peter Gabriel at Ball Arena Denver

I feel like a broken record, but 2023 was a big year for me to check off my bucket list of artists. After loving Peter Gabriel for most of my life, I had never seen him in concert, much less photographed his show. That changed…
Tool - Denver Concert Photos - Ball Arena

Tool at Denver’s Ball Arena

Seeing Tool has been a bucket list thing for me - not to mention photographing the legendary rock band. But that is just what I did for their sold-out show at Denver's Ball Arena (formerly Pepsi Center) this week. Everyone in the stadium seemed as…
Josh Groban and Idina Menzel Concert Photos Denver

Josh Groban & Idina Menzel at Pepsi Center

I often say one of the things I love about being a concert photographer is seeing shows I would not normally go to otherwise. People were surprised that I attended Josh Groban and Idina Menzel at Denver's Pepsi Center recently, but why wouldn't I? Both…
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