Take That, Denver Parks & Rec!

Literally every summer, we end up getting pissed at our neighborhood pool because their schedule is so jacked up and confusing we never can get our son actually into the pool to play.

Well, that already happened yesterday, when:
1. The local paper said the pool was open “for families” at 11am this weekend.
2. We arrived at 11:10 am and the pool was closed.
3. We waited for 20 minutes for the pool to open.
4. We arrived at the pay station and there was a sign up that the baby pool was closed. We thought, OK, fine – Dex wants to jump around in the big pool anyway. The cashier has no change, so she asks us to pay on our way out. OK, cool.
5. We walk in and notice that they entire pool is set up for lap swimming. We grab a schedule and from 11:30am – 6pm is listed as “Open/Lap Swim.”
6. I ask to speak to the manager and a 16 year old kid comes over and tells me he is not the manager but he is in charge right now. I ask him (while Declan is whining his fool head off) – WHEN, PRAY TELL can I get my kid in the water? He says it’s lap swim until 1:30 and then the kids can get into the big pool. . I then ask WHERE on this ridiculous schedule am I supposed to know that? Blink blink blink from teen boy. I ask when the baby pool will be open? He says he does not know.

How nice of them to let a family in, with an obviously raring-to-go little kid, when he would not have been able to play in the water for TWO FUCKING HOURS. And really smart to not even make one lane open for families to play in. And even more smart to have open swim at prime nap time. No wonder they have to close the pool early nearly every year for budget problems.

So, guess what we did instead?

We headed up to the big local water park, Water World, and bought our season passes and had a BLAST. So what if is costs about 10 times more than the local pool? They have TONS of stuff to do, a special area just for little kids with slides and geysers and playground equipment right in the middle of the pool.

And BEST OF ALL: At least we will be sure when they are OPEN, for Pete’s sake!

And even better, as we were leaving, we ran into Lily, Jenny and Cap – who had just purchased their season passes too. Oooh weee! It’s gonna be a fun summer!

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