Thank You, ABC Bear

Aunt Kitty made “ABC Bear” for Declan when he was born. It’s been hanging over his bed ever since.

Declan likes to talk to ABC Bear sometimes, and especially likes to look at all the letters and try to think of words that start with them. When I ask him what he wants to dream about as he is nodding off to sleep, he usually says, “Koalas and Kangaroos playing with ABC Bear.”

But lately, ABC Bear has provided a much greater service than I could ever have imagined.

As I heard Declan get up this morning and go directly to the bathroom, I peeked my head in the bathrooom to say good morning. And Declan groggily said, “Good morning, Mommy. ABC Bear reminded me that I should get up and go pee pee in the toilet, and not in my bed.”

Well done, ABC Bear!

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