The 4th of July Present

I don’t mean to sound judgmental, but I know there are people who are always late with presents. I am not [usually] one of them. As I mentioned in my Time Management post, I am all over birthdays and have many ways of organizing myself into a corner.

But this year, my Aunt Heidi – yes, Accordion Heidi – asked for a Bubble Bowl. Simple enough since I made one before, right?


It’s taken me SEVEN MONTHS to finish the damn thing – so I am officially declaring it a 4th of July present.

Heidi's Bubble Bowl

Happy 4th of July, Aunt Heidi! Sorry about the lateness!

Or maybe we should consider my tardiness as retaliation for flaunting Maryland crabs in my face, hrrrmmm?

My family is mean. Flaunting Maryland crabs from afar.

Paybacks are hell.

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  1. Anonymous

    is there anything you don’t do well??? you inspire.

  2. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see it!! It looks beautiful. I’ll have to think about paybacks – you know I could tell all kinds of things on you lol

    Love you
    Aunt Heidi

  3. Amelia Sprout

    Those were always my favorite kind of pieces to make. They both look great, and like a lot of fun to make.

  4. jenB

    Also, loving the bowl

  5. J at

    Maryland crabs suck…too small, too much work. Come to California and enjoy some Dungeness Crabs. I’ll trade you an AWESOME one (with wine and sourdough bread) for a bubble bowl, OK?

  6. Aimee Greeblemonkey

    J – YOU CRAZY. Maryland crabs RULE! Throw down!

  7. Tree

    I love that pebble bowl! It’s awesome. Worth the wait.

  8. J at

    Aimee, have you had real crab before? Because Maryland crab are SO MUCH WORK. Awesome for softshell, I’ll give you that. But those itty bitty legs are annoying as hell.

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