The Candidate Quizzes Have Begun!

I got this one today and thought it was pretty good. I liked their weighted ranking.

Of course none of them (the quizzes or the candidates, ha!) are perfect. And I live in the real world and can tell you right now I won’t vote for Kucinich no matter how fabulous he is.

So, here are my results… Geee. What a surprise. Tom Tancredo way down there at the bottom.

(click to see larger image)

How about you? Who comes up when you take these polls? Anyone surprising?

Of course my cynical, yet hilarious, husband fired this email back in response to this poll:


I wish they added a question:

Do you think all issues can be clearly and easily summed up in a short multiple choice question?

A) Certainly
B) No Way
C) All of the above



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  1. aimee / greeblemonkey

    ooooh! and he’s hawt!

  2. Anonymous

    Bryan’s funny.

  3. Bryan

    I had John Edwards as number 1.

  4. Anonymous

    those are fun! I wonder what my mom will come up as.

  5. Meghann

    Well, my top score on any of them was only 20-something. So, overall there wasn’t much difference. Which backs up how I feel right now: I don’t have a clue who I am going to back. Sigh.

  6. merrymishaps

    I guess I’m not passionate enough about politics 🙂

    Kucinich tops my list too, but my score is only 33.

    Chris Dodd, with 27, only barely edges out a five-way tie (24) of Clinton, Edwards, Richardson, Obama and Gravel.

  7. painted maypole

    OK, apparently I need to learn more about Chris Dodd, as he was my number one. Then Edwards, who was my pick last time around

  8. joansy

    No surprises here:
    Kucinch – 58
    Dodd – 56
    Gravel – 55
    Obama – 49
    Clinton – 49

    The bottom of my list:
    Hunter – 5
    McCain – 12
    Gilmore – 12

    I’m pretty disappointed that my position on the death penalty and Iraq conflict (two of my top priority issues) conflict with the three top running Democrats (Obama, Clinton and Edwards). I’ll be voting for the real liberals at our primary caucus in January, but I expect to lose and then I’ll end up voting for one of the big name Dems in the general — but I’ll still be a little sad about it.

  9. carrie

    Took the quiz . . .

    My top three candidates were tied with each other at 51.


    This so doesn’t help the decision, waaaaaaaah!

    Maybe I’ll take your advice and vote for Edwards because he’s hot! 🙂

    But seriously, I think the issues are important, but so is character and personality. We need a leader people will respect, admire and be drawn to. IMO.

  10. Tree

    All of my candidates were in the 20-something points as well, with Guiliana at 27 and Biden at 25, Romney at 24. I do agree with Biden a lot, not so much with Romney.

    Huckabee (who I admire, but I think it is more because he is a runner) is my lowest at 9.

  11. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Interesting results, guys.

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