The New Love of My Life

Sorry, Bryan and Declan. You have been replaced by a breakfast cereal.

The last time I met with my nutritionist, she looked at my diet and decided I needed fiber, fiber, FIBER. (Who doesn’t?) And after a dissertation on the basics of whole grains over the crap we all normally eat, she started waxing poetically over the Kashi company, and their cereals in particular. I seriously thought she was going to have an orgasm.

Other friends, particularly Gretchen, have found love within the Kashi brand of products. And I must admit my first flirt was Cinnamon Harvest. I ate it every day for months. (Yes, I am one of those people.)

But my new love is Strawberry Fields. Any breakfast cereal named after a Beatles song is OK in book. Yeah, sure – it does not have as much protein as Cinnamon Harvest. And way less fiber. But it’s fucking delicious, OK? And I love how the flakes are crunchy crunchy crunchy even after being sogged in milk for 10 minutes.

So, right now, my breakfast life revolves around Kashi and some freeze dried berries.

Obviously I am fickle, though.

Any suggestions for my next new best love?

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  1. Meghann

    I don’t have much advice for you as I am currently munching a bowl of brand name frosted mini wheats.

    I have a secret love affair with Life cereal actually. I will buy boxes of it and hide them from the kids so I can eat it late at night after they have gone to bed. Shh!

  2. Mar

    You should try Udi’s granola, it’s made right there in denver 😉 we carry it at the store. it is YUMMY!!

  3. Tanaya

    The Kashi Trail granola bars are DE-VINE! Lots o’ fiber and protien. I tried the Honey something or other Kashi bars and they were too chewy, but the Trail bars rock! I have been eating them for my breakfast.

  4. Heather

    I am pretty in love with the people from Kashi, the Trail Mix Granola bar, mmmmmmm. As for fiber bombs–Thomas’ Light English muffin and South Beach Diet Multi-Grain wraps both weigh in at 8g of fiber and are good for making a sandwich at lunch.

  5. Bryan

    We will be here for you when your new fling fades.

    Hubdad and Declan

  6. Irish

    I’m a fan of the Kashi Go-Lean Crunch.
    I’m going to go find me some Strawberry Fields though!

  7. TxGambit

    I love Kashi! well just about anything…..

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