Things I Love

Aunt Heidi told me that my Things I Hate list was quite long, so I better have a Things I Love list that was longer. And she is right. I have lots of stuff in my life that I love.

In (mostly) random order:

– Declan & Bryan (they tie for 1st place)
– My family
– Rio & Finn
– Strawberries
– Crowded House
– Macs, especially my lovely new iMac
– Summer
– Photography
– Picasso
– Chick-Fil-A
– Pottery
– The way Declan dances (it is really quite distinctive)
– Palm Pilots
– Working somewhere I care about
– Gerber daisies
– The Sound of Music
– Maryland Blue Crabs
– My PIMs (Psycho Internet Moms)
– Laughing my ass off
– Big, big, big snowstorms
– Diet Sprite
– Eating out (although we have cut back, I promise!)
– Colin Firth
– Lefties
– Rouladen
– Sleep Number Beds
– Recycling
– Sarcasm
– Steaks with A-1 sauce
– Baked potatoes with shitloads of sour cream (to go with the steak and A-1 sauce)
– Germany
– Reading parenting books
– Photoshop
– Driving with the windows open on a warm day
– Jeff & Danielle
– Slurpees
– American Idol
– German Potato Salad (even better, being able to make German Potato Salad without calling my mom every 5 minutes)
– Singing Edelweiss to Declan every single night
– Corn on the cob, especially on the grill, in their husks
– London
– Lunesta
– Spirituality
– Gardening
– Cosmo Doogood’s Urban Almanac
– Eddie Izzard
– Singing my heart out in the car and realizing Simon would squash me like a bug
– Tudor and Spanish style homes
– Funny people
– Renewable energy
– Haribo gummy bears (there is no substitute, y’all!)
– Making fun of people on TV
– OK, making fun of people in general
– Matisse
– Organizing, planning, researching, obsessing… about everything
– Smell of freshly cut grass
– Living in Colorado
– Maintaining a close relationship with my mom and aunt even though we live in Colorado
– Thanksgiving (no presents, just food)
– Having a business partner who agrees with me 99% of the time
– Teapots (but not tea)
– Going to sleep listening to the rain (rare occurrence any more)
– That euphoric feeling after working out, especially when I had to drag my ass in there
– Jon Stewart
– Wikipedia
– Watching Declan play on the Oversized Food at the mall
– Living in a country where I can scream my head off about the current administration and only be mildly wiretapped
– Aunt Heidi’s squash (which I can never make as good as she does, even though there are only like 4 ingredients)
– Having popcorn & Snickers Popables (together.. as in, both in my mouth at the same time) at the movies (blame Danielle for that one, although she prefers M&Ms)
– Empathy
– The beach – any beach, but especially Florida beaches
– My post-reduction breasts
– Volkswagen
– Old friends… like Dana & Marabeth
– New friends… like Jenny & Cap’n
– Postsecret
– A clean house
– Trying to speak German and Spanish (and failing)
– Inventive advertising campaigns
– Margaritas, on the rocks with salt
– Jane Austen
– Maturity
– OK, immaturity too
– The fact that normal stores carry pants in long sizes now
– Rosenthal china
– 80’s music
– Puff’s Plus
– My glasses
– Arthouse flicks
– Chick flicks
– OK, stupid teenybopper flicks too
– Being more and more amazed by my son every day
– Aveda liquid exfoliant
– Green Apple Pucker
– Being content with having an only child
– Generosity
– Saturday Night Live (although I am never awake enough to watch anymore)
– Digital cameras
– Riviera Maya, Mexico (4 months to the day till take off!)
– Hardwood floors
– Stevie Wonder
– Doritos
– Burning mix CDs
– The cute things all our kids say
– My new paddle brush
– Celebrity gossip… the more obnoxious, the better
– Massages
– Concerts
– My therapist
– Sinus Rinse
– Watery beer
– iPods
– Watching my son form friendships
– Cursing
– Steve from work’s homemade toffee
– Netflix
– Having lunch with my hubby several times a week
– Properly plucked eyebrows (not too skinny, not too fat)
– Flagler College
– Thoughtful people
– Halloween
– Hugs

Did you notice all the shit on there I can’t eat anymore? So, my last fave:
– Living vicariously through this blog

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