To Declan On His 5th Birthday

Never one not to follow the crowd, I will fall in line with all other bloggers and write a letter to Declan on the occasion of his birthday! I have pondered what to say for a few days – because, really, what can you say about someone who has changed your life so utterly, completely and wholeheartedly?

I mean, Bryan did so once, how could I expect it to happen twice?

But, 5 years ago today, a little 4 pound bundle of wonder entered our lives and made everything different.


Dear Declan,

You turned 5 today. In some ways, it’s been strange, though… because – to be honest, I have thought of you as a 5 year old for at least 6 months now. You are so mature. Truly an old soul. You “get” things. I am not sure I believe in reincarnation, but you make me ponder it. Your soul has walked the earth before, I just know it.

And smart. Man, you are so smart. You are reading everything we put in front you. You probably could read this post if I let you. Which makes me wonder when I will share this blog with you. I mean, it’s original purpose was to document your young life, so I would remember and cherish every moment. Sometimes I wonder if you will care about all this documentation. But I will. I will look back at all these memories and smile.

Because you are a good kid. You try so hard to be good, thoughtful and kind. Sometimes I have to tell you it’s alright to mess up. The perfectionist gene has definitely passed from mother to son and I worry about it. We make sure to point out our mistakes so you know it’s OK to make them.

Because you aren’t perfect, either. You can be whiny, and downright surly. There are days when you tell us, “I don’t feel like talking right now.” Excuse me?!? Did a 16 year old teenager move in and I wasn’t notified?

But then you will make me laugh. A LOT. You definitely got your Dad’s funny bone. You are already understanding sarcasm and when to use it. I think when your humor comes full bloom I am going to be in so. much. trouble.

We can’t pull you away from your drawing table in the morning. I think you would be happy drawing all day long if there was time. You are very determined to be good at it. Just this evening you told me, “I don’t do hands very well.” Apparently you do boobs great, though.

After your father and I stopped laughing over the anatomically correct homework that will be turned in tomorrow, I fell in love with this drawing.

Because this is my family.

Thank you for everything you give me, and everything you make me.

I love you,

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  1. Sarah

    Happy birthday Declan! What a great letter. AND a hilarious drawing!

  2. nutmeg

    See, even Declan knows that boobs are all that!

    I think I’d better write a letter!

  3. Sue at nobaddays

    That is THE most wonderful picture. Happy BD Declan!

  4. Tree

    That last line is beautiful, I agree. It is what resonated with me immediately.

    Happy Birthday, Declan!!!

  5. Christina

    Aw, happy birthday Declan!

  6. Meghann

    Happy Birthday Declan!

  7. diana

    what a beautiful letter. i do think he’ll be interested in all the documentation and he’ll know how special he is and how much you love him.

    thank you for sharing your feelings with us here in blogland. and happy birthday, declan.

  8. soccer mom in denial

    “…everything you make me.” That is a beautiful line.

    These letters are so hard to write but are so wonderful to read. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Anonymous

    How lovely. 🙂

  10. Sizzle

    that is a beautiful post. what a great kid!

    i love that he says he doesn’t feel like talking. ha ha. perfect.

  11. Mamalicious

    I love the letter…thank you for sharing.

  12. Amber

    LAUGHING at the boob shot. What an absolute doll and I am so happy to have met him. Happy birthday!

  13. merrymishaps

    Happy Birthday Declan!
    Gotta love the anatomically correct drawing!

  14. Lauren

    I love how you covered all his good *and* bad… The real him!

  15. Sherri

    Happy Birthday Declan! Wonderful letter for a spectacular little person!

  16. Jodi

    Happy B-day!

  17. chloebear

    Five years ago you entered our lives and it made me want a little one too! I know mommy and daddy will let us share you with them! I know all of your accomplishments and brag about them to everyone I know!

  18. Binkytown

    Oh I love letters like these. Happy Birthday Declan!

  19. carrie

    Wiping the tears away from the corners of my eyes to say what a wonderful little guy you have there.

    I love that picture.

  20. Anonymous

    how awesome.

  21. sue

    I love this. Makes me wish mine were five again…

  22. painted maypole

    thank picture must be framed. must. be. framed.

  23. zenrain

    Beautiful 🙂 and i LOVED the drawing!

  24. joansy

    Happy belated birthday Dex!

  25. Angela Klocke

    Happy Belated Birthday to him!!!

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