Took the first step.

Got my “temp teeth” today. Pretty soon I will have a perfect smile.

So, here’s the lowdown on the process: They grind down your teeth a little bit, fit you with temporary teeth made of regular crown material (what I did today) and then a company fabricates the porcelain veneers (to make them translucent like teeth normally are). They are kind of like fake nails for your teeth. Creepy, but cool.

My teeth are pretty sore today – and my gums too. Partially because of all the Crest White Striping I have been doing – and partly because of the laser cutting that he had to do into my gums to make rooms for the veneers to fit neatly underneath the gum line.

Next week I go to have them match the color of my teeth (a “custom stain”) and then the week after I get the real veneers put on. They last for 20 years.

It went pretty well today. He had to give me some nitrous to calm me down before the grinding commenced, but I am really happy even with the temps… so the veneers themselves are gonna make me ecstatic!





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