Vance Joy 2015

Vance Joy: Concert Photos from Gothic Denver

Sometimes I like to know what I am getting into when I see a concert. For Vance Joy, there are three main points to know: He is fairly mellow, he sings incredibly well, and is much taller than you think. He doesn’t address the crowd much, but that gives him more time to sing his lovely songs.

Oh, and he has this adorable habit of sticking out his tongue.

Photos below are from his last stop in Denver at the Gothic Theater. This summer, Vance will be opening up for Taylor Swift!

Vance Joy 2015 Vance Joy 2015

Vance Joy 2015

Vance Joy 2015 Vance Joy 2015

Vance Joy 2015

Note: Concert tickets provided by Vance Joy. All photos and words are mine. © Aimee Giese.

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  1. Francis O.

    I love Vance Joy – these are great!

  2. Zipper

    Great photos as always! Love that Vance Joy shared it on his Instagram.

  3. Karen

    Stunning pics! I love him!

  4. Amanda Stanford

    Vance is amazing. You really captured him.

  5. Aldi

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