Verbal Diarrhea

I really do realize that I probably do post too much and too often but I am having so much fun on this blog and if you have met me in real life, I really do tell everybody pretty much almost everything about our lives so it’s pretty much the same thing as meeting me in person and I can’t help myself, so much so that it’s almost like a disease which would be funny to add another one to my long list of maladies but at least this one is entertaining because sometimes I talk so much I forget to breathe and then I turn blue in the face but then of course I have the other side of my personality that is very quiet and anxious in social situations which is another reason why this blog is very good for me because I am quietly sitting behind my keyboard and not actually having to speak to anyone and it’s probably good that I see my therapist this week but I just wanted to thank you for reading through all the mounds of stuff I post here and I hope you enjoy it too.

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  1. monstergirlee

    I very much enjoy your blog, its funny, you don’t ramble, you keep thing relevant to the post, and you come across as very personable. I’ve read some reaaaallly bad blogs. This is NOT one of them.
    btw- were you trying for the worlds longest run-on sentence? I got breathless just reading it- LOL!!!!
    Its one of the first things I check in the morning at work.

  2. Gretchen

    I’m sure now that we were separated at birth.

  3. joansy

    That was very funny. And I’m totally loving your blog.

  4. tmrperry

    LMAO! And I love your blog, btw.

  5. Anonymous

    Gee, I wonder which family member you get that from LOL

  6. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Except you got all the hotness, Gretchen. 😉 Kinda like Danny and Arnold in Twins.

    But thanks all. :))))

  7. Tree


    I love you, Aimee.

  8. aimee / greeblemonkey

    You too, Tree.

    Group hug.

  9. Lil Sis'

    Nice run-on sentence… although I’d call it More like “scribal drivel” cause your typing and not talking!!! Hee hee we love you xoxo ps-wonder if I have it too??

  10. aimee / greeblemonkey

    Yeah, that did feel like I was writing in “Karrie” 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    ha, i loved that!

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