Very Close to a Decision

Somehow I have been talked into photographing a co-worker’s wedding in late April. OK, he simply asked me and I said yes, with the caveat that he remember I am not a professional photographer. Seriously, I am nervous – but also very excited. And need a nicer camera!

The thing is, I have toying with portrait photography as a sideline for a long time – I have a minor in photography and many people who knew me in high school are suprised that I did not ultimately choose it for my career. (But, I did chose a close relative – graphic design… basically I wanted more stability and a regular paycheck!). But like I said, I am back to toying with it – and at the very least I want to get more serious about my amateur stuff.

So, I think I am ready to take the next step in digital cameras. As you all know, I research a thing to death – but after scouring the Net – I am very close to choosing the Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT. Yes, GASP – still sticking with Canons after my unprecedented split with Nikon last year!

I am bit nervous and guilty about the price tag, but I keep reminding myself that it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the big gun cameras from Canon and Nikon. Also, Bryan wants a new computer sometime later this year – which oddly enough makes me feel better to be “even.” And then I think of all the wonderful photos I will be able to get with the new camera – I am ready to grab the keys and head out to the camera store!

But before I do that – if any of you have feelings… impressions… thoughts… intuition… psychic predictions… about this camera – let me know! And then get ready to say CHEESE!

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