{W} : My Most Embarrassing Moment

I got an email a while back from Leslie Flinger, worrying and wondering where all the great writers have gone. (I told her they were still here and here, but she persisted. Leslie is stubborn like that.) Then I moaned about how *I* am not a writer, I am a storyteller. Still didn’t dissuade her.

She went and started a Ning group for bloggers sick of drama and catfights commanding all the attention. A place for bloggers to relish something that seems to be getting lost in the noise – writing. Plain and simple. No matter what your style, you are welcome. Her thought is to build a community that considers the writing first, period. Or at least pay more attention to it, to drown out some of the shouting.

I am not very good at writing on deadline (just ask my editors at Mile High Mamas). However, when you see that {W} in my headline, it will be related to a Write Of Passage : Writing Well Challenge. And there will be links at the bottom of the post to see other {W} blogger’s posts, to read and comment on, plus participate in yourself. Join the conversation, join the community.

Our first {beta} topic is “embarrassing stories.” Beta because Leslie is working out the kinks technically, and hello – it’s not cool to do ANYTHING anymore without a beta version.

Can’t wait to read you.

{W} : My Most Embarrassing Moment

This is going to be short and sweet. Because the long version, with ALL the embarrassing things I have done in my life, would have us here for days.

I worked at a nice restaurant in college. A nice restaurant that required the ladies to wear tropical dresses, the men to wear flowered shirts. This attire was somewhat silly, but also very conducive to the oppressive heat in Florida. Which lead the ladies to get short short short skirts on those tropical dresses. Short short short skirts that would swing in the breeze. Short short skirts, in turn, that would be fairly unnoticeable to a 20 year old body when they went missing.

And were tucked up inside underwear.

You know who notices such things?

The five guys staged behind the grill, with sweat pouring into the huge grins spreading across their faces while they watched me sashay past them and straight into the restaurant.

With my dress.

In my underwear.



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  1. zenrain

    oh no!! how do i not remember that??!!

  2. Anonymous

    Love this idea. And great story, ha. – m

  3. The Bug

    Like you, I have many embarrassing moments from which to choose, but here’s a good one from high school.

    I was working the desk in the library when two girls who were doing a research project asked if we had any clippings in the research cabinet (yes, I’m THAT old!) on euthenasia. I seemed to hestitate for a bit they asked what the problem was. I said I was trying to decide whether to look in the Youth folder or the Asia folder.

    Doesn’t that sound like a blonde joke? I’m NOT blonde!

  4. Meghann

    I’m participating! I’m link #43. 😛

  5. Mrs. Flinger

    WAITAMINUTE!! That was my story! OMG! HAHAHA. Funny that I’m just reading yours and we posted the same moment.

    We are truly awesome.

    You, I love. Thank you for promoting with so much love and detail. XOXO

  6. Laura

    I LOVE the whole idea of this – I joined Write-Of-Passage right now! I’m trying to get back into the whole “writing” part of blogging. I hate that it’s all about promoting yourself, and editing your content because your neighbors, coworkers, and kid’s teachers are reading your blog.

    (And I LOVED your story!)

  7. Miranda

    Oh no! That’s an embarrassing story if I’ve ever heard one. You poor thing. I love the idea of this Write of Passage group. I’m going to have to look into it. Thanks for sharing.

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