Warm Fuzzies

About a year ago, I got back in touch with my best friend from childhood. Jenny and I knew each other pretty much from birth. Our parents were friends and we lived 1 block away from each other in the ‘hood. If there is such a thing as the ‘hood in suburban Maryland.

She has been reading this blog and sent me the sweetest email last week, I just had to share.

“I have many happy memories of childhood and you are there for most of them. I remember Mrs. Carter’s dance class, the YMCA pool, painting contests on the Porter’s lawn, playing dress up in the bushes, going to Sandy Point and torturing jellyfish, your Oma bringing gummen bearla. I remember standing with you on my back porch during a thunderstorm and we were counting the seconds between the thunder and the lightning to see how far away it was. We would say, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, then the thunder would roll, and we would shriek and giggle. We weren’t really afraid of it, just wanted to know when we were right in it. It was annoying when that happened when we were at the pool because then they made us get out of the water! You said you don’t have that many childhood memories, but thanks for making mine so much fun.”

Are you tearing up yet?

Once she mentioned that stuff, I do remember some of it, but the girl has a memory like an elephant. In fact, recently I had a crazy “small world” experience with a new client in New York, who – unbelievably – grew up in the neighborhood right across the road from ours. He is a few years older than us, but he attended our same elementary school at the same time. I emailed Jenny to see if she remembered him – and she said he sounded familiar, but then listed off no less than 5 kids he could have been friends with. Some of which sounded familiar to him. Amazing.

So, Jenny, keep my childhood memories coming.

P.S. And to end on a light note, Jenny also turned me on to this little guy. Perfect for your last minute Easter shopping. I have a huge crush on him.


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  1. Anonymous

    That is so sweet! And I want one of those bunnies!

  2. Sarah

    Sniff Sniff!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m so glad Jenny could shed some light on your childhood and that they are good memories not bad ones.

  4. Laura

    That bunny thing is way cool!

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