We are gonna have one SAD little boy on Christmas morning.

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  1. aimee e

    Oh no……

  2. Sue at nobaddays

    Oh my. Maybe you could explain how much an iPhone costs. And that Santa tries to keep all the gifts under $x, so that he can afford to give ALL the kids gifts.

    And yeah, T is all over our computers … he navigates YouTube like it’s no one’s business. The other day, he accidentally added a whole bunch of movies to our NetFlix queue … I swear, I only looked away for about 30 secs!

  3. laura - dolcepics

    That is too funny. How can you resist?

  4. Mr Lady

    Seriously, this works:

    “Dec, dear, Santa know what’s in your heart, and he will bring you the gift that will make you THE HAPPIEST. He’s good like that. Trust him.”

    This has saved me thousands of dollars.

  5. Mayberry

    But Aimee. He asks for so little. Only three measly items…

  6. amy

    LOL, how very technologically advanced!

    That said, my 8 year old would shed tears of happiness with an itouch. It won’t happen, though. It’s bad enough that he snags my iPhone whenever he gets the chance!

  7. zipper

    that is AWESOME.

  8. msitarzewski

    He has hit the 4yr old market. Z has a first gen iPhone (no service, just wifi), a PowerBook G4 17″, and a Dual G4 on his desk. 😛

    We had our first parent/teacher conference last night – they said Z doesn’t show much interest in the computer at school (a Vista based PC) and the only thing we can think is that it isn’t a Mac, so he doesn’t care to use it.

  9. Mitch McDad

    my girls want iPhones too…of course they can operate mine better than my wife can.

  10. Sparkliesunshine

    That’s really quite impressive. He’s not messing around. You really need to save that and remind him when he is 16 he once asked you for a $400 phone for Christmas.

  11. Lauren

    ho ho ho, where is your christmas spirit????

  12. Becky

    Well maybe Santa isn’t technologically cool and thought he meant “A PHONE!” and will bring him a $9.99 phone from Target. 🙂

    I’m a mean mommy…

  13. Kimberly

    My five-year-old wants one too. That and a pink princess dress. Such a paradox she is.

  14. monstergirlee

    fortunately for us my son asked for all things that are relatively cheap – this year.

    Funny- both kids have old calculators that they run around with playing phone – they’re about the size of my blackberry, with the same amount of buttons almost. Its pretty dang cute.

  15. Terra

    I saw some fake candy filled ones at Walgreens a couple weeks ago – next to the wii remotes that were like Pez despensers – will that hold him off? (giggle)

  16. Kitt

    How does he even know what an iPhone is??

    Maybe he’d like a Speak & Spell?

  17. nutmeg

    That’s my very same list!

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