We feed off each other.

Remember how I said I was a High C on the DISC scale? I think Declan is too. Some days we are so alike, it scares me. (OK, then and some days he is as big a goofball as his Dad… and I breathe a sigh of relief).

This morning, he got a little snarky. Then I got a little snarky. Then he got more snarky. Then I got more snarky. Then he started whining. Then I started whining.

After 15 minutes, I remembered that I was the adult in this scenario and changed my tack.

I felt like yelling at him, but I sang my words in a cheerful tune. “Please, let’s get going, let’s get goooing… let’s go out the dooooorrrr!” He perked up a little bit.

When we got into the car, I said in a voice that was so overly sacarine that I thought for sure he would call my bluff, “What, oh what, do you think you will do at school toooooday?” He perked up a little more and answered in an almost non-whiney voice, “It’s raining outside, so we’ll play in the gym.”

By the time we got to school, we were joking and laughing and had a great drop off.

Of course, when I told Bryan about my feat of parental wonderment… he started cracking up – imagining me saying all the things I would like to say… in an overly cheerful Vanna White tone…

“Get your assss in the carrrrr, or your ass will have my foooooot in it…”

“Hooray-ya-yaaaaaa.. you peed in your bed agggggaaain! I am soooo excited!”

“Quit, quit, quit… that whiney-ass voice is driving me craaa-yaaa-yaaa-zeeeee…”

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