We’ve totally been replaced.

My mom did me a dual favor this week. First, she came out from Maryland to take care of Declan while he is off school this week. Second, she let me call that her Christmas present to her – effectively making this the easiest present-buying season there ever was.

Declan has been eating his Oma up.

When she first arrived, he asked us no less than 4 times “WHEN, oh WHEN where we going to leave so he could be alone with Oma???” They had their first solo day today… and while somehow Declan talked Oma into letting him stay in his pajamas all day, otherwise they had a splendid time. Oma was introduced to the magic of the Wiggles, Chutes & Ladders and the silliness of a 4 year old boy.

They make quite a pair, don’t they?

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