What Not To Say To A Mom Blogger

I understand that what people don’t understand may seem scary. Or weird. Or not worth anything.

Or perhaps “don’t understand” is not the right phrase.

Haven’t seen the value of. Haven’t seen in action.

Recently I was chatting with someone who puts on a big event. He asked me what I thought of it. I thought it was great.

He said, “No. You can tell me how you really feel.”

My husband later told me that no one ever actually means that phrase.

I replied that the event itself was great but the social media seemed lacking.

He was surprised by my answer. He thought they had done really well. And they did, in a lot of ways. But this was a large event. And when I ran the numbers on it, *I* was surprised.

 “Well, last year you got 1.8 million impressions on the hashtag. This year you improved to over 5 million, but 2 million of that was me alone.”

His answer? Big wide sarcastic eyes and…

“There are 2 million mommy bloggers out there?”


Part of me is still laughing over his answer, because, really – he is the one missing out. Missing out on all the different areas that I show up when you search “Denver {insert keyword} blogger” *AND* missing out on all those moms who bring 3-5 other people to an event such as his.

And part of me knows he was just stinging because I had the balls to tell him what I really thought.

Either way.

Whatever, dude. Have fun next year.

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  1. Jane

    you are kidding me.

  2. zipper

    how dumb.

  3. Aimee Giese

    hahaha right Lu? 😉

  4. Lucrecer

    What an ass! The fact that 2 million of the impressions came from you should have made him hire you on the spot to fix his crap. Geez!

  5. Anonymous

    I hope you never go to that event again. – m

  6. Jenna

    Dude. He has no idea.

  7. Sarah P

    I am sorry, but what an insensitive comment from all sides. You are way more than a mom blogger, not that there is anything wrong with that, heh. But you write about music more than anything these days. WTF.

  8. D.T. Pennington

    Ha! That’s rich.

    In my new job I’m learning that there are still a lot of marketers out there who treat the internet like this strange, untouchable place. It’s quite the jump back from previous gigs where I actually had to go out and FIND all kazillion+ of them there mom-bloggers.

  9. Aimee Giese

    Ha. Love you guys!

  10. Lucretia

    If I hadn’t encountered this type before, I’d be stunned. But what Lucrecer said is spot on. If you got me 2 million hits? I wouldn’t be casting aspersions, I’d be trying to fill up your dance card!

    That said, some people shouldn’t be allowed near the Internet. It just confuses them. 😉

  11. Amy E

    I can’t believe I missed this post. Here’s my addition to what Lucrecer and Lucretia said. Shouldn’t HE be aware of the numbers you were throwing at him, rather than being taken aback? Way to be unprepared.

  12. Jenni Chiu @MommyNaniBooboo

    Yes, so many companies still do not recognize the power and reach we have. I do have to be honest, though and say, “I smell change in the air…”

  13. Kim Tracy Prince

    I had a similar experience, and the guy hired me to do some outreach for him last year. He said he was blown away by the response.

    Um, yeah. I wasn’t. I expected it because, duh. Mom bloggers. There are a lot.

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