What To Expect from an Online Photo Course?

Let’s be honest. Even though I co-owned a company that build educational web sites for ten years, I was the designer… the creative of the group. I never considered myself a teacher until I started working in social media – performing trainings, holding classes and doing public speaking.

Then I got the bug.

An online class was really appealing to me, because it brings back all the things I fell in love with at first, plus adding the learning environment. When my friend Amy approached me to teach a class about holiday photos, I kind of choked her with my excitement.

But one of the interesting things I’ve found as I moved in this new direction, is not everyone knows what I mean when I say “online class” or “ecourse” or “online workshop.” I have taken a few myself and they are all different, so I totally understand the confusion.

That’s why Amy was kind enough to write a great description of what OUR class will be like in November, over on the Live It To The Full web site.

Go check out what she has to say, not just because she is super duper nice to me – but because I really hope you will join me for some super duper fun next month.

P.S. Any more feedback? What kind of online courses have you taken? What would you expect from one?

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  1. monstergirlee

    I have never taken an online course so this will be a first for me. I will sign up next Friday as that is when Danny gets paid again.
    I have always admired you as a photographer Aimee and I’ve already learned so much from you, I cannot wait to begin the course.

    I expect…. I don’t know. I expect to learn, I expect to be challenged to go outside of my boundaries, I expect to work more closely with my camera to get what I want in a photo. For me, that is the hardest part. I see something aesthetically pleasing with my eyes, but often have a difficult time capturing that in a photo.

  2. monstergirlee

    Feedback! I expect lots of feedback, good, bad, indifferent, ugly. I can take it.

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