What Would You Have Done If You Won The Lottery?

It’s a bit of old news, but it has been a cruddy week, so let’s go to Fantasyland shall we? I need a bit of a Calgon take me away moment. You might not be old enough to even get that reference, which makes me need it even more.

So three people won $640 million last week and the details are all weird about who the winners are and what safe the tickets are hidden in and who paid for what at which McDonald’s, but who really cares, because it’s all – like I said – Fantasyland. I don’t buy lottery tickets and probably never will, but it’s fun to think about what I would’ve done with the money.

It’s not like we wouldn’t work – because we enjoy work. And obviously, being the good little bleeding hearts we are, we would give a gigantic chunk to charity. Probably health related – diabetes, cancer, stem cell – things that would make a real difference in the world. And certainly we would travel everywhere. Evvvvvvvv-reeeeeeee-WHERE.

But beyond that – what? I hate to conjure up that Barenaked Ladies song, but would we buy fancy ketchups? Become insanely quirky and have 3 million shoes in every room of the house? Or just buy the house next door where Mr. Lady used to live to hold all those shoes?

Bryan and our friend James were talking about it, and James got to the part where he hires several Amazonian women bodyguards, but ended up just replaying that part over and over, and not really getting much further. I bet you can do better.

What bat-shit-crazy stuff would YOU do?

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  1. Aimee Giese

    Teach him to cook and you have a deal.

  2. davidherrold

    If by “cook” you mean “shake martinis” then I totally agree.

  3. Meghann

    I was thinking about this last week when everyone was going crazy buying tickets, and I realized how boring I truly am.

    We’d pay off our house, our one credit card, and set up college funds for each kid. Then we’d donate the rest. (Which would really mean most of it, because the above things would take less than a million.)

    Sure I’d love to travel everywhere and buy a new car because our minivan, bless its heart, has not had an easy time with four kids in it. But, I figure with no actual mortgage payment, just insurance and property taxes, we’d have a huge chunk of money freed up each month and that new car and traveling would be super easy to save up for.

    I’m not sure when I became this boring, practical person, but there you go.

  4. Meghann

    (Although I would be kind of excited about getting to be Oprah to the charity world. “And you get a million, and you get a million, and YOU get a million!”

  5. Christine

    First of all, I love you even more for using bat-shit-crazy. One of my all-time favorite words.

    I couldn’t think of anything wild and crazy that I’d do either. Pay off everything – house, cars, etc. Set up a trust fund for my son that he could only get once he got a college degree because I’m a mean mom like that. Set up a college fund so he could get that degree. Buy some camera gear goodies, but not much because I already have everything I need for work. I’d still work because I love what I do, but I’d increase my marketing budget for sure! I’d travel even more. I’d buy a cool vacation house in Galveston or maybe New Orleans. I’d do a lot of charity stuff. I’d buy crazy stuff for friends to make their own wishes come true.

    I don’t know. I already feel like I’ve won a lot in the lottery of life. Not sure that millions of dollars would change that. So I’d invest as wisely as possible, and do as much good for the world as I could.

    And I’d get David a bartending monkey butler, because that would be AWESOME.

  6. notchcode

    Pay someone to watch the “Rendering Artwork” progress bar on the computer for us.

  7. davidherrold

    Three words: bartending monkey butler.

  8. JoAnn

    Unfortunately, our plans are practical: 1) a Security Detail, including driver; 3) An awesome financial planner and team of lawyers; 2) a 2nd home in Hawaii, preferably Maui, but Kauai will do; 3) A private plane & services of a pilot. See? All boring, practical stuff. *cough*

  9. Sarah

    I don’t buy lottery tickets either. I don’t want to burn karma on that sort of thing. I couldn’t help thinking about it, either. You know what I realized? There’s not much that I would do differently. Sure, I’d pay off some debt–including the house we’re closing on next week. I’d buy a cabin in the mountains. I’d see if I could reduce my hours at work to 75%. That was quite the realization. Even if I were filthy rich, I wouldn’t want to quit my job 🙂

  10. Kagey

    I would be highly tempted to buy up huge swaths of land all over the world just so it would stay wild. Amazon rain forest, orangutan habitat in Borneo, whatever. Oh, and all the 14ers here in Colorado to make sure they stay open in perpetuity for the people who actually enjoy climbing them.

  11. J at www.jellyjules.com

    Taxes take a huge chunk, then there’s debt and family and friends and charity, so not a lot left. I’d buy a couple of houses, and a couple of cars, and a couple of horses. We’d travel. I’d figure out a job that I might love, since I don’t love mine, like the rest of your commenters do. Perhaps some kind of volunteer thing, or something like that. I don’t know. I’d get a dog. I miss my dog.

  12. Amira Lewis (Real Estate)

    I can’t even IMAGINE having that type of money and the difference we could make in so many peoples lives if we did. Hopefully the people that won do something of value for others and we’re not reading in a few years about how they’ve lost it all.

    My Hubby and I have NEVER had a vacation alone TOGETHER so I’m sure that would be top of our list. After donating, putting money up for kids college, finding a great financial adviser and investing 🙂 So I guess I COULD imagine. Lol

  13. Rabel

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