Where Can I Get Some Energy?

Ever since I was sick – after my second ear surgery specifically – I have been a shadow of myself. At least physically. Well, that isn’t really true either since I have gained at least 15 pounds.

Emotionally, I want to go out and conquer the world. Physically, I want to take a nap every day at 4pm.

 Is this normal after a year of illness? Or do you have suggestions to get my mojo back?

 I am trying to walk more, drink water more, and slowly get back to life.

But what else? 


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  1. Dr. Pants

    Good question. I think we all move in phases. I am willing to bet it will come back.

  2. Anonymous

    You have been through the ringer. Just try your best! -m

  3. Aimee Giese

    Great suggestions all. Thanks so much.

  4. Rachel

    Always paranoid about the thyroid (mine as well as others)… if you haven’t already had issues, you might want to get a check with that sluggish feeling.

  5. EatPlayLove

    I can related so much to your words. If you get a moment read my post today (start showing up). I have been through a big transformation this year, putting myself first, finding 30 mins a day to walk. It has completely changed my mood, my body, and my perspective. 30 minutes in 24 hours is all that it takes.

  6. Laural Out Loud

    I have fibromyalgia, so I’m constantly struggling to find energy. You hit on all the important points- healthy eating, exercise, rest. But when you do that and still don’t have enough energy, it can be SO frustrating. I loved the suggestion above for Vit D, I’m going to look into that myself! I also take caffeine pills, and that helps quite a bit. Also eliminating a lot of starchy carbs has worked for me, because they cause swelling in my body, and that makes me tired. I’m looking forward to hearing what you discover!

  7. lasmmc

    Me as well. thought it was sugars, still may be-however, i did reike last year for the whole household and it was a true enlightenment. if you would like her number, happy to pass it along. the past week i havent needed the nap as badly. i have been taking vit d and calcium. the sign of lilacs havent hurt, either. give yourself some slack, super mom, blogger, photo expert, wife, & talented soul. einstein took a lot of naps!

  8. Natalia Stasenko

    I so hear you! I went through a similar stage a few years ago. As a dietitian, would definitely recommend going to the doctor to have the blood work done and also consulting with someone practicing integrative medicine or nutrition. Good luck!

  9. Aimee Giese

    I am due for a diabetes check up and my sugars have been meh – so I am sure that is part of it. But you guys are right – should have her do a FUll workup too.

  10. Aimee Giese

    And thanks for all the great thoughts/ideas/support!

  11. MargieK

    I agree with EatPlayLove that walking 30 minutes per day (you can split it up into several shorter sessions) can make a BIG difference.

    A year ago, I had been walking more like an hour 3-4 days per week, but then in July I started a new job, commuting from NW Fort Collins to Ken Caryl, which made for LONG days, and my walking slacked off (even though I eventually worked it so that I was working at home 3x/wk and only making the commute 2s/wk).

    At the beginning of this year I vowed to start back to walking 30 minutes per day. I wasn’t 100% compliant (some days the wind was too brutal), and the hardest part was lacing those shoes after getting home from work. But I can see and feel it making a difference in my energy levels. Exercise — even something as simple as a few minutes of walking — is energizing! Plus (since I remember you’re diabetic) it can have a good impact on your blood sugar.

    Thyroid and Vitamin D levels are also worth checking into. Making sure you get plenty of fiber and veggies (I strive for 6 “servings” a day), and minimal “processed” food can make a big difference, too.

  12. shelly

    I triple recommend the thyroid. I went to the doc complaining of this same thing. I said, “I know I’m a working mom and should be tired but I can’t function!” After blood work, mine was not off-the-charts-low, but low enough to try meds. And they changed my life. Some people say thyroid meds are very difficult. I just leave mine on the counter and take them first thing, usually right before the gym.

    Also, I eat an almost all protein breakfast and lunch. That makes a huge difference too.

  13. chloebear

    I concur with Denise – 30 minutes is all it takes and you deserve it!

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