Who Are You To Your Kids?

Bryan is the funny one. He makes Declan, me, all the other kids, everyone laugh. When Declan wants to wrestle, he goes to his Dad. Goofing off and giggling means Daddytime.

Not that he and I don’t laugh. Or have fun. It’s just not my “thing.”

Declan wants me when he is sick, or especially when he wants to talk through something. I get asked about sex. I get asked about relationships. I get asked about feeeellllinnngs.

Not that he can’t talk to his Dad in a serious way – it just usually degrades into fart jokes at some point.

I once worried over this with my therapist. That he wouldn’t remember me as being “fun” to be around. She reminded me that he probably would remember both of us laying on his pillow and whispering about all those feeeellllinnngs… but more importantly, she told me something I have tucked away to help me cope when I feel inadequate as a parent.

“You don’t have to be all things to him.”

Every person in our lives brings something different and special to our children. And me? I don’t HAVE to be the funny one – although I do enjoy a good giggle with my son now and then.

So maybe it’s OK that I am there to balance the fun, and listen to the life stories.

But when we do giggle, it’s even more special.


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  1. toddlerplanet

    I love this! Good reminder!

    And look at that kid – from that hug, he totally loves and appreciates you both!

    Nice work, Greeblemonkey!

  2. Everyfann

    That is really sweet. 🙂

  3. Sheryl

    This is a great post. Love the picture too.

  4. Bethany

    Such a timely post, Aimee… I was thinking about this recently. And that was good advice, about not being everything to our children. i will remember it. Adorable picture!

  5. Daria @ Mom in Management

    I’ve struggled with that too – not being the fun one. This post was great for getting me grounded and realizing each parent does bring something different and I don’t have to be it all… Thanks!

  6. Sizzle

    That’s so right on and so sweet. I definitely agree!

  7. Rommel Peter Fernandes

    Nice pic.
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